What is a House Coach, and Why You Need One!

Spotlight on Anja Lavigne, House Coach

Are you looking to re-decorate your home but not sure where to start?  Hiring a house coach can help you re-imagine your space with a fresh, professional eye.

When selling a home, so many potential buyers walk into a property and are instantly “sold” on the beautiful staging, co-ordinated accents, and the perfectly scaled furniture.  It’s actually amazing how quickly you can transform a space when staging. 

This is because the furniture and accents used are chosen for a particular space.  Thought is given to the precise placement, and to the accents that highlight the best attributes of each room. 

When it comes to our own home, people struggle with getting it just right.  We often use our existing, out of scale furniture that never quite looks right.  Or, we can’t seem to get the placement of our tables, chairs or desks to look like those gorgeous real estate photos.  As a result, our rooms don’t quite function as they should.  We get caught in the trap of too much clutter and rooms become a catch-all for things with no other place to go.  It might be time to bring in a second set of eyes. 

Anja Lavigne, House Coach

This week’s blog highlights the lovely Anja Lavigne.  She spent over 14 years as a professional Home Stager in Toronto’s west end and now brings her incredible talent to the next level as a House Coach. 

During her time as a stager, Anja came to realize there are many more people who planned on living in their homes vs. moving.  Instead of transforming spaces clients could move out of, she now transforms the spaces they are actually staying in.  For most, doing this alone can be overwhelming.  We so often get stuck and need someone to come in and tell us what to clear and what to keep.

By re-positioning furniture, clearing out the clutter and helping you come up with gorgeous ideas to create an inspiring space, Anja guides you in creating a space you love.

She also specializes in modern-day alchemy, home organization, and energy clearing to help create a supportive and harmonious environment you can actually live in.   

Energy Clearing

Not only is Anja at the top of her game in decor and design, but she is also highly trained in “Energy Clearing”, something most people rarely think about.  She works with you to shift the energy of the physical space, change the frequency and add high vibrations in your space. 

When you feel out of balance, overwhelmed or stuck, you can become agitated and angry.  This translates into so many areas of your life.  Not realizing these feelings could be attributed to a room, or the home itself, we can neglect our physical spaces.  Through balancing and harmonizing the flow of natural energies in your surroundings, Anja works with you to shift the energy and produce a remarkable positive change.

And the change is truly remarkable!  After spending an afternoon with Anja in my home doing just that– I instantly felt the energy shift.  We cleared away some of the negative feelings I had about various aspects of my house.  We wiped the slate clean and set new intentions for the spaces and also gave gratitude and appreciation for not only the house but the land it sits on.  It’s amazing how powerful that can be!  We never really think about the physical land beneath us, but it truly does set the foundation for our home.

I will be documenting the transformation of my home office and basement as I work through implementing the changes Anja helped me come up with.  On both an energetic, and aesthetic level, I’m excited to see the transformation and am excited to reveal it to you all as soon as it’s all finished!

A Little More About Anja

Anja began her professional career in Education.  During that time, she successfully transformed a space in 15 minutes for someone who was about to host an open house.  It was at that point Anja was inspired to get into staging in 2004. 

Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to take various courses, including the staging certificate which ultimately led her down a new career path.  With an affinity for teaching people, it’s no wonder she excelled at not only decor & design, but in teaching people about the very spaces they live in. 

Becoming a House Coach was a natural next step, combining her talent with home decor and the teaching element she loves so much.  She genuinely cares about the people she works with, and as she puts it, “I want the best for people”.  Anja doesn’t just come in and tell you where to put something.  She teaches you why by thoroughly understanding your needs, wants and blocks. 

When asked why she moved from Staging to House Coach, Anja’s answer was simple.  She always had success during the (staging) consultation process.  Homeowners always did exactly what she recommended.  She began to consistently notice three things upon returning after the initial consultation. 

First, people’s energy level was always so much better.  In particular, people’s skin always looked better!

Second, they almost always said, “oh my god, I can’t believe I have all this stuff”.  Decluttering was huge, and she was able to help them get rid of all the stuff that no longer served them.

And third, after completing all the recommended TLC to their home, people always loved their home again.  Often saying, “I wish I did this sooner!”. 

Anja realized it was time to start helping the people who were staying in their homes.  

With a huge focus on energy, Anja believes that your physical space can play a direct role in your mindset.  “When (people) feel good about themselves, they have confidence”.  We all know that when people have confidence, they can accomplish great things.  “The human species is here to elevate.  We are not here to be dormant”, says Anja.   “If everyone is living is a space they love, then they feel confident, more happy, better about themselves”.  “If everybody’s living with the mindset of love, what could our city possibly become?”

And I couldn’t agree more with this philosophy.  It’s no surprise that just after spending a day with Anja in my home, I committed to running a 10 km race just a day later— the most I’d run in over a year after a bad injury.  I truly believe that I decluttered my physical space that day, allowing me to clear the fears and negative thoughts holding me back in other areas.  In this case, running. 

Anja combines such a beautiful message with interior design.  The space we live in can be so powerful and have a ripple effect on every aspect of our lives.  If we clear the clutter in our homes, we can see clearly in other areas.  When our spaces are designed with intentionality, we can shift our focus on being intentional in our lives.  

If you’ve been frustrated with a space in your home, or feel like your physical surroundings may be having an impact on your life, reach out and book a 1-hour clarity call with Anja.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll wish you called her as soon as you moved in!

To learn more about her services, visit Anja’s website at https://www.anjahousecoach.com/

Follow her on Instagram @anja.housecoach and Facebook @Anja.housecoach

Or contact her directly at anja.housecoach@gmail.com & (416) 886-5396

Written By Deanna Allegranza, Realtor

To learn more about decorating, interior design, or hiring a house coach, connect with me at info@deannaallegranzarealty.com

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