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Are you moving and dreading the thought of packing? Does the thought of spending weeks unpacking send shivers down your spine? In this blog, I'm going to talk about how to declutter as you pack. Making unpacking at the new house a breeze!

It’s time to organize your packing so it can easily be put away when you move. 

Plan your moving boxes so they are ready to be stored or unloaded.

Instead of throwing everything in a box and having to deal with it at the new house, declutter and organize BEFORE you pack things up and seal the boxes.

Since you’ve got to handle everything anyways (just to get them into the box), use this time to decide what to take and what to toss or donate.

As you are packing, here are some easy tips to help weed out what will live on.  Inspired by the tidying master, Marie Kondo, I employed this exact advice as we prepared to move:

  • Hold each item as you are about to pack it up and ask:  Does it spark joy?  Will it serve me at the new house, and how?
  • Ask yourself:  When was the last time I used it?  If the answer is never, and you’ve had it for longer than a year, the answer is clear.
  • Do you really want to box this up or pay to store it only to throw it away anyways in a few days/weeks/months when you are unpacking?

When you’re already in packing mode, it’s much easier to act on momentum and get rid of stuff.

Think of moving as your golden opportunity to declutter!

Research local organizations that guarantee your items will go towards helping people.

For example, I had 2 beautiful tables that I’ve stored for YEARS.  Even though I love them, and one was even sentimental, we know we won’t use either at the new house.  It was important to me where they ended up, so we decided to call the Furniture Bank, who collected everything in one trip.  Making my job easier, and I will rest assured that my items will live on to help someone else. 

Written by Deanna Allegranza, Realtor.

For questions or advice on moving, decluttering preparing to sell, connect with me at

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