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Posted by dallegranzarealty@gmail.com on February 25, 2019
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A Splash of Pink: Timeless Decorating for a Girls Bedroom

I can still remember getting the news after our ultrasound.  It’s a girl!  And my obvious first reaction:  Time to decorate the nursery!  So there we were, calling our parents with the news while en route to our local Sherwin Williams store.

I naturally thought of a pink room, but I also knew I really wanted grey so and we went with SW Knitting Needles.

A few splashes of pink work beautifully with this color and it worked well with the palette in the rest of our home.  The wallpaper we chose came as a pleasant surprise.  We went with a white and soft purple Moroccan pattern.  I didn’t even think I liked purple but loved this wallpaper so much it set the tone for the entire room!  We put it up in the little nook that would house her crib and the hues mixed beautifully with soft pink.

Deanna Allegranza Blog Girls Bedroom

Her room has since transitioned to a “big girls” room, where here little PBK “Catalina” bed in simply white fits perfectly.  Of course, I needed to splurge on the beautiful organic ballerina sheet set to complement the old ceramic ballerina slippers I passed down to her from my childhood.

Deanna Allegranza Blog Girls Bedroom

I have a deep rooted love for old things.  So, when it came time to choosing the furniture, I wanted something unique.  I decided to have the change table I used as a baby re-finished.  It was an old fashioned dry sink that my mom purchased in the 80’s.  If you don’t know what that is, a dry sink was common in homes before the invention of plumbing.  It consists of a cabinet with a recessed top made to hold a basin and pitcher for water. Perfect as a baby change table— she’d never roll off!  I brought it to Chatelet— one of my favourite little shops in Queen West (604 Queen St. West., Toronto).  With a large selection of French-inspired white painted furniture, their style brings you the look of French Country or Hollywood Glam.  They re-finished it for me in distressed white and added clear crystal knobs.  I just love how it turned out!  And now that she’s outgrown it, it’s perfect for storage and for a place to keep her dolls and stuffed animals beautifully displayed. 

With it, I had them re-finish an old chair that had been passed down from my Grandmother.  From what I’ve been told, it was one of the very first pieces of furniture they bought when they came to Canada from Italy in the 1950’s.  Undoubtedly, this chair carries so much history and meaning for me and I’m honoured to have found a special place for it in her room.  It was re-finished with the same distressed white and reupholstered with a velour soft pink.  I think it turned out just perfect and adds that special touch! 

Finally, she needed a night table that wouldn’t break the bank.  I retrieved an old plant stand from my parents house that I recalled just loving the legs on.  I had it painted white with Chalk paint and dug out an old piece of Belgian Lace from past travels to cover up some old water damage.  Just perfect!

Perhaps it’s the fact that every item has a past, or the fact that I could feel a “soul” in these pieces, I just love repurposing old furniture.  It’s as if each unique item tells a story of its time and place in history.  One of my favourite things about it all is that there are literally are no rules.  You can use a plant stand as a night table, a chair for decor.  Each item brings in something completely new and unique to the space. 

Don’t be afraid to hang on to old pieces.  Look past the terrible stain colour or wear and tear.  A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into something you might have otherwise discarded.  Think about painting it a bright vibrant color to add a “pop” to any room.  Or, soften it up with a distressed finish.  Not only does re-purposing old furniture save you money, but it also keeps things out of the landfill.  And, you can enjoy the fact that you’ve given something a second chance. 

When designing a room, don’t be afraid to…

Mix old furniture with new.  I bought this ultra-modern rocking chair from Monte Designs and it works so well with the old furniture I had re-finished. 

Raid your old bedroom, your parents & grandparents home or the local market.  You might be surprised at what pretty things you’ve overlooked!

Find old or antique trinkets that can be displayed on new shelves or mixed in with modern decor.  I found an old jewelry box and also used beautiful old flowers & figurines I found from my childhood bedroom and put them on the new shelf from RH Baby & Child.

Make sure any big ticket items aren’t too “baby-ish” so they’ll keep them as they get older.  Pick colours and patters that are soft enough for a baby or child but mature enough that you won’t have to change them in a year or two.  For example, taking down wallpaper or decals can be a pain so pick colours or patterns that will last.  Shop at your favourite “adult” furniture store and look for functional pieces you can use in the nursery or kids room.  

Use pretty stuffed animals & books as decor to add character and softness.  I found this old book set that was given to me for MY first birthday and will use them for display until she’s old enough to read them.  

Save and Splurge!  We saved on some of the big furniture items & decor so we were able to splurge on a display shelf and the nursing chair.  Check outlets too.  I found curtains at the RH outlet for under $30/panel.  We saved on a duvet & cover from Ikea but splurged on an organic sheet set from PBK.

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