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Tidy up and Find What Sparks Joy

According to the KonMari Method.

With Spring cleaning on the forefront, this blog is all about tidying from a “KonMari” point of view.  If you haven’t read The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo, I highly recommend it.  It has simply changed my life!

Taken from her notes, “Konmari is not Minimalism” (https://konmari.com/konmari-is-not-minimalism/), her philosophy is simple.  Tidying is about what you want to keep in your life, not what you want to eliminate.  With that in mind, she preaches to keep only the things that “spark joy”.

Here are a few simple tips inspired by the KonMari Philosophy (konmari.com):

Surround Yourself with Objects you Love. 

Imagine your ideal lifestyle and surround yourself with only the things that embody this.  Each person’s vision will be different from the next, so find yours.

Give things Gratitude and then Let them Go. 

We often keep things because they once had a purpose, or because they were given as gifts and we feel guilty tossing them.  Instead, give those items gratitude for the purpose they once served and let them go.  Getting rid of them is no worse than boxing them up and stuffing them in the spare closet.  Give them a chance to serve someone else, or accept that it’s done the job and toss it.

Cherish the Items you Choose to Keep. 

Freeing up space will give you room to respect and cherish the items you DO keep.  From shoes and bags to books and electronics, our possessions work hard for us and deserve a proper place.  Don’t just shove your cherished items in a junk drawer or on the floor!  Treat them with gratitude by keeping them tidy. 

Make Space for the Things you Love. 

When you discard what doesn’t support your ideal lifestyle, you create space for possessions you truly treasure.  This leaves room for them to spark joy in your life again!

Written by Deanna Allegranza, Realtor.

For more information on organizing, decor or real estate, connect with me at info@deannaallegranzarealty.com

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