Living in Humber Bay Shores, Toronto

Development Planned for the Humber Bay Shores, Toronto.

This plan gets me really excited because it defines what is happening in Toronto.  The core has become congested and people are moving out of Downtown in droves.  As people immigrate to Toronto, they all need somewhere to live that is accessible to jobs, transit, and shopping.

Young professionals relish urban life but can’t stand the traffic.  That’s why South Etobicoke is so perfect!  Not only do we have space, but we’ve got beauty.  Located along Toronto’s spectacular waterfront, there’s really not a more perfect destination.  There’s easy access to the Gardiner Expressway and all the major highways.  Shopping– with all your major retailers close by together, and some incredible local gems.  Craft Breweries, restaurants, TTC and the GO train.  South Etobicoke is thriving!  Young families are moving in and fixing up the once decrepit houses.  Condo’s are booming and the schools are growing, with a focus on rebuilding and modernizing many of them.  There are parks, lookout points, and of course, Toronto’s Waterfront Trail that connects the Lakeshore to Downtown and beyond.  So what’s next?

We’ve got Inspiration Lakeview to the West in Mississauga (worthy of another blog post entirely), and now the most recent development announcement by First Capital Realty for the former Mr. Christie site along Lake Shore Blvd. W.

What’s in Store? 

Here's what is proposed for Humber Bay Shores in Toronto

First Capital Realty purchased the 28-acre former Mr. Christie site in 2016.  They have now proposed to redevelop the property and create a thriving, connected mixed-use community in South Etobicoke.  The site is located at 2150 Lake Shore Blvd W. and will aspire to be a mixed-use, transit-oriented community.

They are still in the early stages of what will set out to be a long term planning process for the site, with a number of steps taking place over the next 3-5 years.  Here’s the vision, which has been submitted to the City of Toronto as an application to amend the Official Plan.

An integrated Park Lawn GO/TTC station.

Improved road, cycling, and pedestrian infrastructure.

1,000,000 sq. ft. of new retail, restaurants, neighborhood services, office & commercial opportunities.

6 million square feet of residential, offering a range of housing options.

over 25% of the site dedicated to parks and open spaces.

A Market Hall and covered retail Galleria – a space to gather and connect people to places.

Up to 3,500 new jobs, creating opportunities for residents to work closer to home.

As part of the vision, First Capital has initiated conversations with the City and Metrolinx around the addition of a Park Lawn GO station, including their support of the project.  Transportation consultants have begun the preliminary work on a potential transit hub for the site and will continue conversations throughout the process.

*Information gathered from the City of Toronto Christie’s Planning Study and First Capital Realty.

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