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Posted by dallegranzarealty@gmail.com on February 27, 2019
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Furniture, Food & Fun. IKEA - So Much More Than Furniture!

IKEA.  Home of the flat pack and the dreaded Allen Key.  But, it’s also home of Småland, a magical play centre that will take your children for free for a full hour in exchange for a hand held buzzer and the promise you won’t leave the premises.  So, for those of you who are looking for things to do on a weekday evening (personally my favourite as it’s rather quiet), or during the celebrated March Break.  Alas— here is your answer.

Grab a coffee from the Bistro, drag and drop your children off at the play place and off you go doing high fives all the way up the Showroom escalator towards pure Ikea Bliss. 

Enter sans enfants into the world of carefully curated living rooms, bedrooms and mini environments that simulate Toronto condo living at its finest, ergonomically speaking.

But, are you aware the IKEA restaurant is LLBO licensed?  That’s right!  They serve wine AND beer.  For $5.99, you can get yourself a domestic, imported or craft beer, or a whole 187ml of Red, White or Rosé.  Time to catch up with your BFF!  Or, maybe it’s been ages since you and your hunny went on a date?  Why not head straight there, grab a romantic window table and wine, and dine yourselves for under thirty bucks (dinner and drinks for two).

And, when the buzzer sounds and the littles are given a fare-thee-well from the friendly folks at Småland, you can feed them a kids meal for $3.49, grab a twistee for a buck & take the scenic route home praying they are tuckered out enough to fall asleep in the car.  You may just have scored yourself a full evening of adult freedom.  But if for some godforsaken reason they are still awake when you arrive, you luckily avoided the dreaded meal prep, cook & cleanup, and got in some kid-free time while you’re at it.

All around, it’s one serious win. 

All around, it’s one serious win. 

Every day at an IKEA near you, you can count on:

UTZ certified coffee.

Free refills on coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Hot or cold dishes in the restaurant.

Swedish-style dishes and local specials on the menu.  Organic and vegetarian options.  Responsibly sourced seafood. 

Free baby food in combination with an adult meal.

And, if you just can’t leave without loading up on your pick of IKEA Food, head on down to the Swedish Food Market where some of their famous items can be purchased to bring home.  You can seriously take home a 1KG bag of their frozen veggie or meatballs for around $14.99. 

So there you have it.  Not only is Ikea one of my favorite places to find fashionably intelligent, space-saving do it yourself furniture, but it offers you one heck of a good time.  As I sit in the restaurant sipping my socially responsible coffee writing this post, with 10 minutes to go on my småland pager, the lovely Ikea co-workers are celebrating to my left in a privately sectioned off area.  I can see them happily singing away and doing some sort of chain-linked group activity in a circle garnering lots of chants, laughs, claps, and team building hoorays.  This might just be one of the most wonderful places on this side of the Gardiner Expressway.  

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