Christmas Decorating Ideas

Tips to Simple Decor This Holiday Season

Want to Start Decorating but Worried You’ll Get Tired of Your Decor Before Christmas Arrives? Here are my Top Tips.

If you’ve kickstarted holiday decorating early, simple can go a long way and keep you from getting tired of the tinsel by the time Christmas arrives. 

Keep it Simple

White and Gold

Combining white and gold can be a gorgeous way to decorate and to keep it timeless.  Use gold ornaments and white ribbon on your tree.  Golden tree or reindeer decorations can be placed on tables and consoles in varying sizes.  Group them together or place them cohesively around the room to compliment each other. 

Purchase, or use existing gold vases and add some greenery to give them height.  And, you’ll be able to use them long after the holidays, switching them up for the seasons (think subbing greenery for pussy willows at Easter, fall branches or twigs during Thanksgiving and flowers in the Spring and Summer). 

Brighten Things Up

Place flameless candles throughout your home to give a gorgeous glow.  Use lanterns on mantels, tabletops or floors like these ones.  Add some greenery or pinecones to the base for a subtle yet festive look that you can keep out all season.   

Fill glass bowls or vases with spare Christmas ornaments.  Balls can work really well here.  Try using different shades of the same colors, or two complimenting colors like silver & blue, or white & gold. 

Cranberries in glass vase can look stunning.  Or, add sprigs of winterberry or holly to the greenery in vases, simple flower arrangements, on console tables or wreaths. 

Holiday Art is a Great Idea

Consider switching out your art for a seasonal print.  Or, you can even replace your current art with a graphic Christmas card for a temporary and cost-effective alternative.

Holiday Accent Pillows Add Fun

I love changing out accent pillows for the season.  Mix a fuzzy cushion, like Urban Barn’s Mongolian Toss in white with a whimsical Christmas one like UB’s Woody Wagon Toss on your sofa to give the feeling of snow and cheer!  Once Christmas is over, pack the holiday ones away, but keep the other accent pillows out.  Add faux fur throw blankets on couches and chairs to keep things cozy all winter long. 

Keep Holiday Colours Consistent

When planning your living room, use a consistent color to avoid things looking too cluttered.  If you love red, go with red toss cushions to compliment your red Christmas stockings. Pull from other colors already in the room, and try not to introduce too many new colors with seasonal decor. 

Set The Table

For your dining table, add wreaths to the base of candles or vases for a simple and chic holiday look.  Throw in a seasonal statue like a reindeer and you’ve instantly transformed your table for Christmas dinner. 

Add an ornament to each table setting as a special keepsake for your guests.  This adorable place setting from Urban Barn uses a neutral placemat with an added (super cool) slate board on top, so guests can actually write notes to each other with chalk!  Featuring their pretty holiday plates, an adorable ornament and voila!  You’ve just brought your tabletop to the next level!

Decorating the Tree

Use lots of lights and string them from the top, going from trunk to branch.  If you are using garland or ribbon, also start at the top and make sure you have enough length to work into the entire length of your tree. 

Find ornaments that compliment your room’s existing decor and color palette.  When hanging, sort ornaments by color and style, hanging the nicest ones on the most visible branches.  Bows and tulle are wonderful for filling in gaps. (tree photo compliments of HGTV, link here)

And, for my absolute favorite idea this holiday season, and one I am absolutely going to try.  Change out your traditional tree skirt with a tree collar for a modern-rustic style.  Instead of buying a collar, I’ve purchased an oversized basket for a DIY version (stay tuned— I’ll let you know how it turns out!). 

Be Prepared for Overnight Guests

And finally, if you’re having overnight guests, here are a few tips to make things extra comfortable. 

If possible, position their sleeping quarters in an area distant from yours and ideally situated near a washroom.  Make extra space in closets and dressers for them to place their belongings and feel welcomed.  Think like a hotel and put out soap and other toiletries for them to use.  Or, level up and go out of your way and buy some extra nice ones for them to take home as a gift. 

Now You Don't Need to Worry About Decorating Too Early if You Follow These Tips!

Once late November or Early December approaches, it’s not too early to start decorating. 

Don’t be afraid to check out high-end stores for ideas but source similar items at places like Costco, Bouclair, Homesense, and Ikea to stay on budget.  Stick to neutral colors if your worried about getting tired of your Christmas decor, and make a point to coordinate decorations with existing accents or colors already in the room.  Add lots of flameless candles, lanterns and throws to keep things cozy during the holidays, and throughout the winter. 

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