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Posted by dallegranzarealty@gmail.com on July 29, 2020
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6 Easy Tips to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Thinking of Selling?

We all know how important it is to make a great first impression.  A nicely appointed entryway can wow potential buyers before they even walk through the front door!

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

6 Tips to Enhance Your Curb Appeal and Welcome Buyers

  1. Remove all recycle and garbage bins from the driveway or entryway.  If possible, store them in a garage, side of the home, or enclosed space so they are fully out of sight.
  2. Power wash or thoroughly clean your porch and entryway.  Remove cobwebs, dust, dirt, pebbles.  Re-paint any exterior doors in a color that will appeal to all potential buyers.  Stay away from colors that are too personal or flashy.
  3. Power wash or clean all dirt, dust, and debris from your driveway.  If it is need of some TLC, consider repairing and sealing your asphalt to help it last longer and look great.  This will significantly increase the curb appeal without the expense and headache of re-paving.
  4. Clean all exterior windows so they sparkle!   Hiring professional window cleaners may be well worth the investment.  Clean windows and doors tell potential buyers that the home is well maintained and cared for.
  5. Incorporate flowers and planters to your porch or entryway.  Make sure the look is balanced and symmetrical.  A hanging basket with flowers can break up long walls, and flower pots can define a space and bring the entrance to life.
  6. If you have space, add a chair or bistro set to invite potential buyers in before they even enter the home.

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~ Deanna

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